Disney Hollow

What if your favorite Disney Characters were transformed into fairies and got to visit Pixie Hollow?

That is the question Cassie Wanda asked in 2006, way before Glimmerwood was alive and running. For D23 Expo 2019, she decided to re-imagine the concept for the biggest fan cosplay-group of her career! So many talented people banded together to bring this together in ways she could only have dreamed of as a 19-year-old Disney fan. Below see photos of the cosplayers in action and closeups of the garments created for this special project. 

Thank you to the wonderful people who helped make this possible.

Concept and Costumes designed and made by Glimmerwood

Wings created by HelloFaerie

Photos by @mojophoto59 and @fatmanphotography

Makeup by @artrhapsodybeauty

Fairy Cast:

  • Snow White: @amberarden

  • Cinderella

  • Fairy Godmother: @glimmerwood

  • Aurora: @sarah_e_ingle

  • Maleficent: @mermaidmorganna

  • Ariel: @justyourvintagegirl

  • Ursula: @allenwaiserman

  • Belle: @thelittle_merbabe

  • Pocahontas: @lydstagram

  • Esmeralda: @mermaid_kairi

  • Megara: @mamamainstreet

  • Tiana: @missgolden_lady

  • Rapunzel: Joanna of @smileandasongprincessparties

  • Anna: @disneydonewright

  • Elsa: @mermaidpersephone

  • Moana: @brianna.italia

Fairy Types:

  • Classic Pixies (Tinker and Frost): Tiana, Elsa, Anna

  • Animal Fairies: Cinderella, Aurora, Pocahontas

  • Light Fairies: Esmeralda, Rapunzel

  • Water Fairies: Ariel, Ursula, Moana

  • Flower Fairies: Snow White, Belle, Megara

  • Fast Flying: Maleficent, Jasmine

  • Queen: Fairy Godmother

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