About Glimmerwood

Ever since I could remember I've been creating things. In Elementary School it was drawing on things and asking my mom to help me with costumes. In Middle School it continued with buying clothes and altering them. In High School I started making costumes for friends and myself. Once I started working, I'd always go home and make things.


Glimmerwood started as an idea: a simple blog to help me document my crafty adventures. It quickly turned into something more suited to me as I was able to turn my crafted items into a business and sharing my work with the world.


I'm very much inspired by fantasy stories. I like to imagine that there is magic everywhere- without it, I couldn't be doing what I'm doing. Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet and seeing what I have to do!

Whimsically Yours,

Cassie Wanda

Photo by @simplysavannahart

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